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    VP of Marketing & Communications for Rackup, but nothing here reflects what my employer or colleagues think. In fact, they probably think it's all cray-cray.

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I love, love, love, love, love to be contacted by email (by non-spammers). You can always reach me most easily on DYNAMIST at GMAIL dot COM.

If your query is not urgent, email is absolutely the best way to reach me. I check and reply to my email a lot more often than I have my phone switched on.

You can leave voicemail for me via Skype, too - my username is dynamist.

Drop me an email if you’d like my US or UK postal address.

7 Responses to “Contact Me”

  1. How do you get away from a narcissist when you have 4 children with him? I finally filed for divorce but the destructive nature of these people is not just reserved for the. I had no idea what a narcissist was, I wish I would have known years ago what I do now. Unfortunately I have to continue to put up with his scapegoating and lying etc.

  2. I discovered your site only days ago via Jessamyn’s journal and just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read so far.

    I felt ashamed (again, unfortunately) by the seemingly dilatory response of our British police to your assault and alarmed today by the ‘opt out’ option of sharing your medical records. The current and growing level of Government intervention and, therefore, control in our lives sends a chill up my spine. If we didn’t live in an autonymous ‘outpost’ of the British Isles I’m sad to say that my husband and I would probably have already emigrated.

  3. Americans living in Britain are a pain in the arse. If the USA is so great, then why do you live here???

  4. Why, to wind up people like you, Andy! :D

  5. Somehow stumbled across the story about the attack and while I have no idea why you can’t buy mace or pepper spray here are two very effective suggestions…
    A Time or Newsweek type magazine if tightly rolled with one end protrouding is an effective weapon for striking the eyes, face or ear. Test it on a potato and see what it does. Given you a a women, practice striking overhand and down.
    You must be able to acquire a wrist knife there…get one and wear it. A good one will seriously mess someone up…
    And never forget…live free or de

  6. Stumbled on you because of a reply by my friend, Steve Mann on Twitter. Reading your blog, I see we have similar world views. I RSS’d you and will give it a follow. (And yes, the U.S. is not only keeping medical news from us, they are trying to keep us from getting vitamins & bioidentical hormones) .

    twitter: meryl333

  7. just googled the word haterations coz thats what always seems to surround me and (found your website)…of late with even more vigour and am tired of it…i want to be free from fake friends coz am tired of always been taken for granted and feeling unappreciated…,i want a life free from manipulation, free from peer pressure, free from bad company who only bring me down, free from deception, free from hurts and pains….and for good friends to come into my life the bad ones must get out…..

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