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A successful entrepreneur told me earlier this year, “Never look back. If you look back, all you see is that you were an idiot.” He sold one of his companies for $1 billion, so I took some comfort in his words.
That said, I do look back, and I yield much gratitude from reflecting upon my […]


I’m heading to London for Christmas and Boxing Day, then to Ireland to see some right nutjobs and lovely people, then back to London. Back in the office on New Year’s Eve.
It’s strange, having been away from the UK for so long. I guess I was more over it than I thought when I fled […]

Give Work with your iPhone

Two weekends ago, I had the pleasure of attending TEDx Silicon Valley, the local TED event, at Stanford University. I was thrilled that Peter Thiel, Reid Hoffman, and other notables were giving talks that day. But the one that really stood out for me was a presentation by Samasource founder Leila Chirayath Janah. I could […]

Gift cards for higher education?

Obviously gift cards are very much on my mind these days. I posted this as a discussion on the Gift Cards Group on LinkedIn, and thought I’d cross-post it here. Any ideas?

Spotting a gift card for the Stanford University stores last night in a local (Palo Alto) supermarket, I wondered about the feasibility of gift […]

Remember this

Demanding credit and recognition is a loser’s game… It is a way of saying that we don’t believe good work should be done for its own sake, but rather for the applause that goes with it.
The real kicker is that people who demand recognition never get enough of it.

Lifting people out of poverty in Africa, despite the best efforts of anti-capitalists

Excellent piece by my friend Michael Jennings on how the ubiquitousness of mobile phones is changing Africa - and the utter ignorance of this on the part of people who, somehow, have credibility and are considered experts in how poor brown people suffer. It’s a positive story, with some infuriating points:
[A]bout three years ago I […]

Never, ever forget it

Pretty much every time I have been chronically unhappy, it was because I was convinced somebody else was “making” me that way. Because once you give up control over your own happiness, you’re just blowing with the wind, influenced by other people’s actions and moods.
Plus, you can start to stubbornly cling to your anger […]