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Best. Party. Ever.

PREFACE: I know this post makes me seem like a gigantic a-hole. Maybe I am.

In general, I am not a huge fan of industry parties. (What industries? Web, media, entertainment, and the intersection of all those things.) They’re usually over-crowded, too loud, and very light on interesting conversation. Most people show up for the free drinks, which isn’t such a big draw for me anymore.

But Silicon Valley is so much like a small town that it’s not really necessary to go to all these functions. You see most of the same faces everywhere, which is kind of comforting when it’s not scary in a fishbowl sort of way. It also means you can get a lot of work done without going to every single party. Good news for me.

That said, I went to what was easily the best industry party I’ve ever attended on Thursday night. MySpace Music kept the numbers very low, brought in Lionel Richie for a private concert, booked DJ AM to keep us dancing into the wee hours, and covered every surface of the stunning Old Mint with mini cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and dozens of other sugary treats. All that was missing were goodie bags of $100 bills at the end of the night. It was an unforgettable evening in every respect.

I was right up front for Lionel, who really astonished me. I wouldn’t have called myself a fan, as I don’t have any of his songs on my iPod and never bought one of his albums or anything. But this was definitely one of the best performances I’ve ever seen - energetic (the guy is 59 years old!), fun, and showcasing an exceptional voice.

Here is one of the shorter videos I Qikked during the concert, with a special appearance by Ashton Kutcher near the end. (Thanks to Ashton and the simply amazing SR for the VIP access, which meant we got to hang out in Lionel’s dressing room after the show and meet so many cool people that I don’t want to list them here because it will just sound so douchey.) That’s AK dancing on the balcony - I don’t think many people even realized he was there, which probably suited him fine!

DJ AM was the other revelation of the night for me in two ways: 1) What an incredible DJ! We danced until after 1AM and he definitely could have kept us going longer. Guess he’s not just getting gigs because he dates famous girls. (I’m now ashamed for previously thinking this.) 2) He’s so cute! All the girls were discussing how we had no idea DJ AM was attractive until we saw him on the decks. Who knew? Below, the Mac that powers his shows. (I got a bunch of Qik videos, too, but the audio is not so great with such incredibly loud music.)

DJ AM is a Mac

Brian Solis has done his usual stellar job of photographing Valley events with his pictures from this party. Thanks, Brian!

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