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Best trip ever

I was apprehensive about going to the UK and Ireland last week, especially once horrific winter weather slammed into both. I decided I just wasn’t going to worry about delays, and in the end, the only major one was as I left the country, due to ridiculous security theatre. (Who really feels safer after being made to queue for two hours for a pre-boarding search through which the security workers are laughing and joking with everyone? Nobody with a brain.)

In retrospect, I was very fortunate that so many people made time for me during their Christmas holidays. The only time I spent alone was at airports. Major thanks to the Samizdata crew, Pat Phelan, Alexia Golez, John Peavoy, Damien Mulley, and others who shall remain nameless because they a) don’t have websites or b) I don’t want to out them. My trip would have sucked without all the great conversations, laughter, and hospitality.

Landmark Hotel, London

Claire & me

@patphelan & me, Cork

Me, Hannah and Jessica

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  1. With huge security lines when will the bad guys figure out they don’t need to get on a plane anymore?
    They can start blowing themselves up in airports.

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