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“I See Rude People” (NYC edition)

That’s the title of my friend Amy Alkon’s hilarious, smart new book. The subtitle: One woman’s battle to beat some manners into impolite society.

As I told Amy, I am certain that this crusade is her life’s calling, and that she is the only one who could have written this book. (Which is why she credits me with nagging her to write it until, finally, she did. I suspect that nagging is MY life’s calling, but that’s another post.)

Our mutual friend, author Susan Shapiro, is hosting a reading for Amy’s book this week in New York. Amy is based in LA, and I usually only see her there or in Paris, so I can’t wait to see her shine in a new city. The event doubles as a panel on publishing, and will be the sixth such panel curated by Sue that I’ve attended. It’s always a fun conversation, with great agents, editors, and authors. If you’re in Greenwich Village on Friday night, please join us.

Amy + me
Me and the self-proclaimed Godless Harlot in LA, August 2009

5 Responses to ““I See Rude People” (NYC edition)”

  1. Thanks so much, Jacks, for nagging me until I wrote this, and for posting this!

  2. Anytime, Amy - so happy you’re on a book tour! It’s awesome to watch the people I care about achieve their goals. I’m privileged to get to see this all unfold! xx

  3. I’d say “more power to Amy,” but that seems unnecessary.

    Nice work.

  4. “Nagging” is what you call it; “catalysing” or “enabling” is my word for it. The fortunate have friends like you. So when’s the book coming out in the UK? I can already think of people who should receive this as a present ;-)

  5. Shefaly, one of my ex-boyfriends refers to my nagging as “providing focus”. I’m inclined to agree!

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