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Just because you’ve met me doesn’t mean you’re not spamming me

I’m with Wired editor Chris Anderson on spam. Easily 70 per cent of the email I have to sift through each day comes from PR people (usually spamming me in relation to the beauty blog, with press releases totally unrelated to beauty and/or obviously outside the realm of what we cover. We’re not a print publication, we have no inches to fill, and we only write about products we’ve tried and feel strongly enough to bother blogging about. So your 15mb high-res photo of Mariska Hargitay carrying your brand of water is not going to make it onto the blog, which you’d know if you’d bothered to read it and were not relying on a spam database to “target” publicity.). And that’s just the stuff that makes it into my inbox.

What I find more offensive is when people you barely know add you to their email database and send you a ton of crap you have no interest in receiving.

This happened to me yet again in the last week: Someone I have met one time (who got my email address, I suspect, from her employer’s database) started sending me spam invitations to a cocktail meet-and-greet with some slimeball local politician. Anyone who’s spent even a moment perusing my blog could probably guess that such an event wouldn’t be my thing; someone who knew me well enough to send me email invitations would, too. Alas, she doesn’t know me, but thought it was kosher to add me to her database.

I’m citing this person because it was so recent; she wasn’t the first and, unfortunately, won’t be the last. Can it be that otherwise intelligent people just don’t understand that bombarding strangers with email is rude and annoying?

2 Responses to “Just because you’ve met me doesn’t mean you’re not spamming me”

  1. Ah, I too am the victim of press release mania and it drives me bonkers. To the point where I want to start my own PR Firm called, “Press Releases Are Killing Your Business.”


    I mean do PR people really think that by sending mass e-mails and press releases willy nilly that it is actually helping their clients? Do their clients realize that they are not only wasting money but that in many cases it is actually hurting their image and thus their business?

    Perhaps we should put a Manifesto of sorts together. It could be a 10 pointer on A) Why the traditional press release is dead and B) better ways for PR, Marketing, and Outreach instead of Press Releases.

    Let me know if you have any ideas. I’ve already thought of a few:

    #1. Most of Your Press Releases Are Irrelevant, Get Tossed, Clog Up My In Box and They Make You and Your Client Look Evil.

    #2. Mass Press Releases As Often as Not Hit the Wrong Targets, Creating Bad PR for Your Clients

    #3. Press Releases End Up as SPAM and Everyone Hates Spammers

    Need More…so bring ‘em on.

  2. Jackie - It’s so bad, I started a blog about it. I’m tired of being in the PR industry and hearing about the riff raff while the practitioners doing their jobs are silent.

    We try to educate and entertain. We’ve gotten a great response from students so hopefully, as they hit the workforce, we’ll see some impact…maybe.

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