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On hiring illegal immigrants + the problem with the law(s)

Absolutely brilliant post from my friend Brian Micklethwait on the British Attorney General, Baroness Scotland, being in trouble (or not) for hiring an illegal immigrant and why he objects to her and why he doesn’t:

I wouldn’t have any problem with someone hiring an illegal immigrant to look after their home. I may well have done this myself. All sorts of Eastern European ladies have had the grim task of cleaning up after me, over the years. If any of them were illegal, I don’t give an aeronautically unchallenged act of heterosexual intercourse. I did nothing wrong, and they were all excellent people, better people than me, every one of them, and more than worthy of the sums of money I happily paid them. If any policeman wants to make something of that, well, that could be just the injection of excitement that this blog has long needed to bring it alive and propel it towards the big time.

Which is all part of why the saner sort of policeman doesn’t want to enforce all these [Baroness] Scotland laws. Which in its turn is all part of how the law suffers. In theory, all kinds of things are now illegal. In reality, you can do them with impunity, so long as you don’t make the mistake of Looking At Someone Important in a Funny Way. Then, they find out what laws you are breaking, confident that you are breaking a few, and set to work ruining your life.

So, I really would not care whether Ms Scotland lied about seeing the relevant documentation of her maybe-illegal cleaner, were it not for the fact that she is part - rather an important part if her title is anything to go by […] - of this horrible law-machine churning out legal chewing gum for us all to get caught up in.

The true culprit here is an idea, which says that if there is a problem then the politicians must do something. They must “crack down”, “take action”, and so on. And the only way for them to crack down and take action is to pass a new law, forbidding more stuff, and obligating more stuff.

3 Responses to “On hiring illegal immigrants + the problem with the law(s)”

  1. I don’t think the police should be in a position where they should have to ‘crack down’, in this particular case. She should have resigned immediately. You can’t be the law maker and get caught breaking the law, and expect to keep your job, particularly when you’ve been clear that, in the case of everybody else, ignorance is no defence.

    It’s a shame, because I’ve heard her speak several times and I think she’s a decent woman, but it’s high time somebody in public office in this country demonstrated a bit of integrity.

  2. I don’t think she’s a decent person - employing an illegal immigrant is to her credit (restricting people’s opportunity to move freely and work based on a lottery of birth being deeply immoral), but she has played an important hand in ruining people’s lives over non-offensive acts which she has also played an important hand in criminalizing. I hope she repents or rots somewhere hot and eternal.

  3. Baroness Scotland really is no different from the rest of the New Labour politicians when it comes to espousing one set of principles and practising something entirely different. Harriet Harperson, a lawyer but also an elected MP, inadvertently leaked the entire ethos driving people clinging to positions of power when she pronounced a banker’s settlement as being “unacceptable in the court of public opinion”. That is all this whole thing is about. Pandering to the voter base in the months before election. Never mind the legality or otherwise of the issue. That said when ordinary people like me check passports and visa statuses before we employ someone to work inside our houses, what prevented this woman? (My housekeeper is East European and I have a copy of her passport and work authorisation.)

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