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On Roman Polanski

There is really nothing more to add to this, except: People are sick.

UPDATE: I was wrong! There is something more to add.

Roman Polanski is Hollywood and Europe’s Ted Kennedy.


You would think we’d busted him for unpaid parking tickets. The guy drugged a thirteen year old girl in order to rape her. Perhaps the French have some sophisticated, European point of view on these things that I, with my puritan ancestry, simply cannot rise to.

-Megan McArdle (via Chris Yeh)

3 Responses to “On Roman Polanski”

  1. OH MAN!
    Rush Limbaugh said if he runs for president he’d run as a Democrat. No one can criticize you if you are democrat.
    His exact quote, “Why I bet you could drive a woman off a bridge if you were Democrat!”

  2. As much as Rush makes me want to puke sometimes, he just as often makes me laugh. It’s funny - and sad - because the Mary Jo Kopechne thing is true.

    I mean, of course people can criticize you if you’re a Democrat (is that really what he said?). But it’s a lot less likely that you’ll be held to account by the mainstream media for your crimes if you seem to have “compassionate” politics.

  3. If I remember right, that’s exactly what Rush said.
    Now everyone seems to be hand wringing over Polanski, like he didn’t flee his crime and was just hanging out until the evil police scooped him up years later.

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