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“One down and the rest of them to go”

This piece by my oft-linked-to friend Brian Mickelthwait is one of the best blog posts I have read in a long time. It is about the particular brilliance and importance of our mutual friend Guido Fawkes, who is - as I mentioned only hours ago - making British prime minister Gordon Brown’s life very difficult right now.

I was very moved, as I often am, by Brian’s ability to articulate my own deeply held view of life and the role politicians of any party should have in it, a belief which we share with Guido. So few people understand where I am coming from on this stuff that I usually avoid all talk of politics. If I could put it like this, I might not:

He believes in a world as little deranged by scumbag politicians as he or anyone else can possibly contrive. He does his “they’re all at it” stuff for a reason beyond the reason of it being fun to wipe the smirk off these people’s faces. He does it because the meta-message, the meta-context…is that these people should not be running our lives. Look at them. Is this the world you want, the world you get when these people, all of these people, whatever label they stick on themselves, are deciding everything. You want the government to regulate everything? So, you want Derek bloody Draper telling you how to run your life, do you? Do you? Because that is what you are saying. Some lady cabinet minister recently said…that Guido is a “nihilist”. Wrong, wrong, wrong. This is all part of how these people, in his words, “don’t get it”. Just because Guido doesn’t believe in what they believe in, which is them being in charge of everything, that doesn’t mean he believes in nothing else beyond stopping them being in charge of everything. Guido is not just hacking away at the world as it is. He wants a massively better one in place of the world we have now.

Brian also really nails the bit about how Guido is decidedly NOT a “team player”. It’s one of his most admirable qualities, and I’m in awe of how effortless it seems to be for him to rankle his brethren when he thinks it’s the right thing to do. PLUS:

Guido doesn’t react to threats in the normal way. Most of us, when threatened by people who, according to the official rules of who is powerful and who is not (job titles and salaries and who they know and what they know basically), back off in fear. Not Guido. He greets threats with genuine pleasure. What did you just say, mate? Yeah that’s what I thought you said. I love it! And the creature who did the threatening has accomplished a minus quantity because now Guido is seriously interested, and the creature has just told Guido to his face exactly what kind of a creature he really is and what he really does for a living. Factor in that with who the creature works for and reports to, and the creature has just told Guido that his boss is a similar creature also, and probably his boss is as well. Interesting. Very interesting. Threaten Guido, and you are liable not to win small, but to lose big.

We could all do with being a little more Guido-like, I suspect.

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  1. People that threaten others appear in all walks of life. They are always the same. Vulnerable.

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