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Photo editing apps for iPhone

Last night after my blessedly brief bout of food poisoning, I fell asleep for a few hours. Upon waking, insomnia gripped me and would not let go. I used the time to download and test a bunch of new apps for my iPhone 3GS, including some photo editing packages. My favorites: Camerabag, Photoshop, and Photo Filters. Oh, how I wish there was a Picnik iPhone app!


Testing Photoshop for iPhone


Southeast Oahu, Hawaii

2 Responses to “Photo editing apps for iPhone”

  1. I love those photos. And you should take that as a *serious* compliment, because I never thought I’d praise your picture-taking abilities. Your many other talents, yes, but not your photographic skills :|

    And it can’t *just* be down to the photo editing packages you’re using ;)

  2. Wow, praise from YOU! I’m floored. Thanks!

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