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Steve Ballmer makes me cringe

I don’t know what’s more breathtaking: Steve Ballmer’s ignorance or arrogance. Together, it’s a pretty embarrassing combination for Microsoft.

Money quote:

“There can’t be any more deep technology in Facebook than what dozens of people could write in a couple of years. That’s for sure,” Ballmer said.

When I worked at Microsoft I heard this over and over and over again from various engineers and program managers who STILL haven’t competed effectively with WordPress, Flickr, Skype, YouTube, or any of the other things over the years I’ve heard this “we can build that in a few weeks” kind of arrogant attitude attached to.

I’ve encountered this kind of attitude from biz techies before - “Software Nobody Uses does everything that Software Everybody Uses!” Well, guess what? I go where the network goes. So do millions of other people.

If I were a Microsoft shareholder, my head would be in my hands. This is just a symptom of what seems to be a much bigger problem at that company.

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