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    VP of Marketing & Communications for Rackup, but nothing here reflects what my employer or colleagues think. In fact, they probably think it's all cray-cray.

    Jackie Danicki
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7 Responses to “Online stuff I dig”

  1. *sniff*

    That’s OK. I know you don’t love me… :-)

    However, I’m beginning to think that blogrolls are very 2005…

    I couldn’t possibly fit every blog I follow vis RSS into a blogroll anymore, and can’t remember the last time I found a blog via one. Via links in posts, sure. Via Twitter, all the time. Via a blogroll? Nope.

  2. Oversight rectified!

    The blogroll serves a purpose beyond introducing people to new blogs. It’s also a handy snapshot for new readers which indicates the space you occupy, which writers and topics get you going, etc.

  3. Wot no H? although i have been a bit lazy since coming back from Vegas! No fear, the word of the H will rise again!!

  4. If you update at least twice weekly for the next month, I’ll add you, Linus.

  5. I wish you really “dug” me to be on that list and not just in the current blogroll! ;-)

    You skipped the Sartorialist!

  6. I don’t update this page often enough, Paul - but please feel free to take your omission personally. ;-)

  7. Yay Jax, you still have PD Marlow up there. x

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